Welcome to Swaraj Foundation

Swaraj Foundation, is one of the grassroots’ NGO have been registered in the year 1997 under Trust Registration Act, IV/9. The vision of the organization is Equity and equality based socially transformed self reliant society.
The organization is engaged working in the field of child rights on Education, Health & Sanitation, Women Empowerment, Livelihood Promotion and other Rural Development activities among the weaker and deprived sections of the society.

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  • To educate, organize and empower the rural poor to promote development.
  • To serve the downtrodden of the society and to strive for self-reliance of community based Organizations.
  • To strengthen capacity of people as well as their communities in identifying and solving their own problems.
  • To initiate, organize and strengthen women’s group in the operational area to ensure their rights and entitlements.
  • To initiate sustainable income security, education and health programmes mainly for women.
  • To mobilize youth and men folk for promotion of societal self-reliance.
  • To broaden the view and outlook and knowledge base of people and undertake advocacy and lobbying on wider scale.
  • To organize awareness meets, study exhibitions, shows, cultural programmes, interpersonal meets etc.
  • To strengthen efforts for restoration and regeneration of ecology and environment, facilitating initiatives .
  • To collaborate and cooperate with government and other like-minded development agencies.
Our Mission

The vision is equity and equality based socially transformed self reliant society. To achieve Self-reliance, Social justice and gender justice by empowering rural poor people for their social transformation.

Our Vision

Swaraj Foundation Annual report, Cry annual reports, Swaraj Sandesh based on Malnutrition Reports, “Hamin ke Baat” means our Voice (quarterly magazine only for children) and media coverage.

Success Stories

As we are working on protecting and promotion of child rights. Due to continuous intervention of Swaraj foundation we could able to save and changed the life of many children.

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